Smith & Wesson and Ruger refuse to sell guns in California over stamping requirement

by / Sunday, 26 January 2014 / Published in Guns, Legislation, News

As California further makes itself the most crime-ridden state in the nation by requiring microstamping technology that imprints a tiny stamp on the shell casing so that it can be traced back to the gun, Smith & Wesson as well as Ruger have told California no more of its guns will be sold in California. The “microstamping” technology does not yet exist, would be cost prohibitive, is unworkable, would impair a gun’s performance, and most importantly, it would be useless at stopping crime.

Firearm microstamping, also known as “ballistic imprinting,” works by engraving a microscopic marking onto the tip of the firing pin. When the gun is fired, it leaves an imprint, usually of a serial number, onto the primer of the spent shell casing.

Since all guns are registered in California, this would theoretically allow law enforcement investigators to trace the spent casings to the registered gun owner.

This would do little to fight crime, since most criminals often use stolen handguns. Not only that, but the smart criminals would just collect the spent brass and throw down different brass. This law would make it way to easy to frame someone for murder.

This is the latest attempt to undermine the Second Amendment in California by politicians with little to no knowledge of firearms, who seek to impose their liberal values upon those who choose to protect their families with the constitutional right to own a handgun.

- Chuck Michel, National Rifle Association

Other states considering a microstamping requirement include Connecticut, New York, and Massachusetts. The California microstamping law was never about reducing violent crimes, it was always about limiting access to firearms.

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  1. Anthony says :

    Fantastic! Makes we want to go out and buy a S&W and Ruger! Kudos to these companies. Hope others follow. Enough tyranny!